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Essential Reading For Dog And Cat Guardians

Are you feeding your dogs and cats the very best food available?

Chances are you may not be. The pet food industry is geared to making money, often by selling their products using gimmicks, generalities and sometimes out right lies with claims of their pet food being “all natural”, “premium” or “the best”. Cats, and dogs to a lesser extent, need primarily animal based protein as they don’t efficiently absorb the nutrients from plant sources. Cats must have mostly meat in their diet. Dogs can do OK with more plant protein, but thrive on  high levels of meat. Many formulations are biologically inappropriate for dogs and cats. Dry food needs plant protein to hold it together. Cost is another consideration as plant proteins are less expensive.

The lack of regulation of this industry allows manufacturers to use some ingredients from very questionable places.

Several brands of pet food, after independent analysing, have been found to contain meat from animals not in the list of ingredients. Most of us would not want to feed our pets some of the ingredients the industry puts in pet food to increase their profits. In my opinion, this is criminal.

To find out more about pet food and it’s ingredients please visit the links at the bottom of this page.

Recall after recall over the years, many of the problems resulting in the death of our pets, but still regulations remain lax.  As usual, it’s buyer beware. Dog and Cat care can be a challenge at the best of times, especially in Toronto where the cost of vet care is so steep, without having to worry about their food.

Most of us rely on our veterinarians to give us the right advise on what to feed our pets. Unfortunately, most veterinarians receive little nutritional training and much of what they do learn is taught by the pet food industry. When consulting a veterinarian about diet, make sure they are also an animal nutritionists. I am not laying the blame for this situation on veterinarians.

With all of the brands of food available especially in cities like Toronto, choosing the right food is even harder.

 Don’t we deserve better? contacted me to link copies of their study to my website. They seem to be very thorough sorting out the best and what to avoid.  This study didn’t examine raw food and canned food containing 95 to 96% meat. Oddly enough, I received no response after contacting two of their staff a total of four times regarding information about these formulations.

Here are the links to the study, they are essential reading to optimise dog and cat care.

If you are going to change your pet’s diet and they have a health problem, especially when in medications, check with your veterinarian to make sure the new diet isn’t a problem.

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