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A Simple Tip That Could Save The Life of Your Pet

Simple things can often mean the difference between life and death.When preparing for a car ride, we make sure our children, friends and we are wearing seatbelts but oddly enough not our pets.

Why aren’t we belting in our pets? After all, they are at just as much risk as the rest of us.

As I navigate my way around Toronto I see many dogs with their heads out of car windows and worse, wandering freely around the inside.

A pet loose in the car is very dangerous as they can obstruct the drivers view and interfere with the safe control of the car causing an accident.Car crash Daniel Dan Can you imagine allowing a child to do this? Driving in densely populated areas such as Toronto increases the likelihood of having to avoid an accident by swerving or braking sharply.


A pet loose in the car can be thrown around, severely injuring or even killing him. Other passengers in the car can also be hurt if the dog is thrown into them.

Pet shops sell harnesses for dogs that can be hooked up to the seatbelt catch using a strap. Cats, ferrets and other small animals can be put in carriers which can be belted in using the handle on top of the carrier. If the pet’s cage doesn’t have a handle, the cage can be put in a cat carrier and padded with towels then belted in.Seat bely dog imtherealpawsondeck20

It’s not the law to belt in our pets, but it’s good common sense.

Most of us do the very best for our pets by making sure their home environment is free of danger and taking them in for annual check-ups. We need to extend this care to our cars to keep all passengers as safe as possible.

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  1. I imagine that Air bags in the front and back of the car would put the animals in danger too.

    In the picture, the dog is seated in the middle of the back row. That seems to work for small dogs but what do you do with bigger dogs? I always worry about putting a dog in the back of a wagon because there are many hard surfaces that would make an impact dangerous to the animal.



    1. Thanks for your comment AJK.
      Airbags can be dangerous for all. I have a small Acura and I am able to fit a large Samoyed in the centre of the back seat.

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