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How To Find a Great Pet Sitter

A great trip is planned in the coming months but you need a pet sitter. Asking a neighbour or friend to cover the amount of time you are away might seem an imposition. Will they notice if something is wrong with your pet? Chances are, they have busy lives and are rushing in and out.

How do you find the perfect pet sitter? Who can you trust with your beloved pets and your home?

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Some pet stters are well meaning but untrained, with little professional experience. Others are irresponsible, often not turning up for your pets as promised or even allowing them to escape through carelessness.

There are great pet sitters out there to care for your cherished pets. With a little effort qualified, caring professionals can be found.

The internet is a popular place to find pet sitters but a great website doesn’t mean a great pet sitter. These days anybody have an impressive looking site.

The phone book is also a difficult option. In cities such as Toronto there are many choices.Which company among these is the most trustworthy and caring?

A friend’s referral maybe a good choice but it can be limiting. Their healthy pets being well look after doesn’t mean your diabetic cat will receive the level of care he needs. The referred pet sitter may be very good but you need to make sure they are qualified to meet your pet’s needs.

Well trained and experienced pet sitters are available. The best sources to find a reliable, caring, experienced, educated and trustworthy pet sitter are:

  1.  A Veterinary Clinic:

This is your best choice by far. Residents of Toronto are fortunate to have a wide choice of veterinarians. Ask your veterinarian or other veterinarians in your area. Some will recommend a sitter while others won’t. Many have sitters on file who have proven themselves to the animal clinic and their clients. animal-hospital-by-michelle-reitmanA veterinarian and their staff are putting their professional reputation on the line recommending a sitter, so chances are the sitter will be a great choice for your pet.

The referring person at the clinic should be asked the following:

– How long have they been associated with this particular  sitter?

– Have their clients commented on this sitter?

– What makes this sitter stand out from the others and are they a good fit for your pet?

2 Pet Shops and Professional Groomers:groomer-joanjoyce_p

They also have a professional reputation to uphold. Chances are they know someone from the neighbourhood. They should be asked the above questions.

Once you have found a recommended pet sitter it’s important to make sure they are the right choice for your pet. This can be an overwhelming process. Fortunately, it can be made a little easier by asking the right questions. Please visit my blog post “How To Interview and Assess a Pet Sitter”

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