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John Wiles
worked as a technician and supervisor for patient care at an exotics animal hospital. His years of working with veterinarians taught him many skills essential to providing a high quality pet care service in Toronto including:

  • Caring for a wide variety of animals including ones who are sick or recently had surgery.
  • Handling and restraining for medical treatments a wide variety of pets and wild animals including aggressive ones in a safe, caring, humane way.
  • Performing medical treatments for pets unsupervised.
  • Coaxing pets to eat.
  • Supervising post-operative care.
  • Dealing with contagious animals.
  • Providing emotional support for depressed pets, coaxing them out of their shells.

John holds a two-year diploma in Feline Behaviour Sciences.

He has studied techniques to find missing pets and help grieving pets cope with their loss.

He is also a member of Pet Sitters International. John completed a six-month course offered by this association, becoming a Certified Pet Sitter. Ongoing education is needed to keep the certification current.

John was raised in an environment promoting kindness and empathy toward animals. One of his earliest memories is watching his father spending hours removing fishing line from a bird’s legs.

A personal experience prompted John to start Alone At Home Pet Care. He wanted to provide the same level of care for pets that he demanded for his own two cats.

John Wiles, owner
John Wiles, owner

John is a member of The International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants. This organization standardizes animal behaviour consulting.

Certified by – Pet Sitters International



 ” We are extremely grateful for having Alone At Home Pet Care as sitters for our budgies. They are highly skilled and compassionate caregivers. Alone At Home Pet Care is very professional and trustworthy. When we leave our birds in their care, we know they are in the very best of hands.”
Dave Axford and Christine Kowbuz

“Alone At Home Pet Care was able to help us with problems between an old mother cat and her daughter, which resulted in the older cat urinating outside of the litter box. They were able to expertly diagnose the issue and suggest successful ways to resolve the problematic behaviour. Both my husband and I highly recommend Alone At Home Pet Care to you.”
Cynthia Richard

” There are no words to describe how fantastic Alone At Home Pet Care is, and what a crucial role they have played in the lives of me and my pets. I have been using their services for 7 years now, and first hired them to care for my elderly dog. They dramatically improved the quality of life for my dog and cared for her patiently and lovingly as if she were their own.

They have been equally wonderful with our cat who adores them, and runs to the door when she hears them coming for a visit. I would recommend Alone At Home Pet Care to anyone who is looking for the best and most reliable pet care. I would especially recommend them to anyone looking for consistent, caring and very knowledgeable care for their special needs pet. “
Leslie Kaufman

” For the last few years, Alone At Home Pet Care has looked after my two cats whenever I travel. I have found them to be totally reliable, and I now come home to happy cats, whether my trip has been a three-day event or I have been away for three weeks. I can leave home without being worried about how they will fare, as I know they are well looked after by caring pet-lovers.

Alone At Home Pet Care has also done extraordinary work with my timid female cat, who has long allowed her brother to be dominant. Every time I return from a trip, I find Molly has become more assertive as a result of how they have worked with her to build her confidence. I highly recommend Alone At Home Pet Care.”
Joan Haberman

” Alone At Home Pet Care has been looking after my cat, Dali, for several years when I travel. Dali has diabetes and requires insulin injections twice a day. Alone At Home Pet Care administers his medication in addition to feeding and playing with him, and I know Dali loves his caregiver. I am confident that Dali’s needs are met and more. I couldn’t ask for a better pet care service.”
Ellen Grant

” Ever since our first contact with Alone At Home Pet Care, we have felt completely secure and delighted with the care our two dogs have received. We have been amazed at how great the service is, and how it’s tailored to the needs of us and our dogs. The service is attentive, on time and most importantly, our dogs love it. Alone At Home Pet Care has become a valued and trusted part of our family, and we would not hesitate to provide our wholehearted endorsement.”
Charmaine Bellefleur and Brad Ralph

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