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A Tip to Help Prevent Your Kitten Turning into a Finicky Cat

Cats are famous for being finicky eaters. Providing care for a cat who refuses to eat can be frustrating and worrisome.  In my role as a pet sitter in Toronto, I come across several cats who must be coaxed to eat especially during the first few days of their guardian’s absence.

Felines perceive food differently than dogs and humans.kitten-finicky-by-mustafa-tekman

Cats don’t have as many taste buds compared to a human.

We have around 9000 taste buds, a dog 1706 while a cat only has 473.  Cats primarily use their sense of smell to assess food. Unfortunately, the sense of smell can diminish with age and with medical problems, causing a decrease in appetite.

Cats prefer the temperature of their food between 85 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm food releases more odour so your cat can enjoy her meal thru smell. This is especially important  when their sense of smell is compromised. When your cat suddenly stops eating, a trip to the vet maybe required to combat an infection or another medical condition early on. 

As we all know, protocols for effective cat care needs to be implemented early, preferably when they are still kittens. Good eating habits are established during the first few months of a cats’ life.

In the wild kittens learn to hunt the same prey their mothers fed them. Usually this prey is hunted almost exclusively by the kitten well into

Over the years, many behaviours of cats in the wild have been passed down to domestic cats we keep as pets. Establishing food preference is one of those.

To help avoid narrow food preferences as adults, kittens should be fed a variety of good quality food as early as possible.

Cats exposed to different brands and flavours of food as kittens tend to be less finicky eaters than those fed only one kind.

Rotating a kitten’s and a cat’s food also is better from a nutritional standpoint. Offering a variety of different protein sources{ chicken, beef, bison etc.} helps ensure our felines receive the nutrition they need.

There are many reasons cats go off their food, expanding your kittens food experience can help minimise finicky behaviour.

Remember, if your pet is behaving out of character such as a change in appetite, something is wrong.


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