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Pet Visits

SM-pet-iconIt’s very stressful and time-consuming finding a pet sitter you can trust and rely on. You want your pet to enjoy spending time with the person providing their care.

Alone At Home Pet Care in Toronto provides enthusiastic, educated, responsible and fun pet care giving you peace of mind so you can relax while away. All of your concerns and questions will be addressed during our initial consultation.

Our goal is to form a long-lasting bond with your pet on their terms. We take our time to do this properly, respecting your pet’s boundaries. A wonderful friendship is the result.

We monitor your pet’s behaviour, food intake and elimination habits to help us identify any problems. Particular attention is given to any existing behaviour or medical issues your pet may have. This allows us to expertly and efficiently deal with any emergencies.

We recommend allowing your pet to remain in their home while you are away.

Like many of us, they are creatures of habit, preferring familiar surroundings. For older animals and those with special needs, being at home is even more important.

Territory is the most important resource to a cat after food and water. Cats usually become upset when removed from their home, adding to the existing stress of your absence. Excessive stress can cause them to stop eating, become withdrawn, display behaviour problems or even develop a medical condition.

Even in their own homes, pets may experience some level of stress. We address this by providing love, attention and stimulation on your pet’s terms, not ours. Alone At Home Pet Care knows not to engage with your pet if they aren’t ready.

Your pets should receive daily visits from us, as time seems much longer to them than for humans. Our daily visits break up their alone time with mental, physical and emotional stimulation for a happier pet.

Fresh food and water daily is important to them like it is to us. Even dry food becomes stale and less appetising. Fresh food gives your pet the best chance to eat enough during this uncertain time for them.

Many animals (especially cats) are fastidious creatures. A dirty environment including a dirty litter box can be upsetting to pets. Behaviour problems such as urinating outside the box have a greater chance of occurring.

Daily visits from us also gives your home that lived-in look for added security by bringing in the mail, flyers and newspapers as well as putting out the garbage.

Specializing in Cat Behaviour Modification

It’s very frustrating when your cats start “misbehaving” by urinating or defecating outside the litter box, ripping up your furniture or attacking your new boyfriend. What do you do? Where do you go for a solution?

Most cat behaviour problems are natural feline expressions needing redirecting to more acceptable behaviours. The problem needs to be viewed from your cat’s perspective to make successful long-lasting corrections. We can get your cat back on track so your home can return to normal.

Alone At Home Pet Care offers behaviour modification, environmental adjustments and education to our clients to address problem behaviour. We employ current, proven scientific techniques to make the needed changes.

The sudden arrival of a new pet or human, especially a baby, is very stressful for your resident cats. Remember, any disruption to a cat’s territory (your home) can be very threatening for them. We can assist you with the appropriate introduction protocol before you make the new addition to your home.

Sometimes, especially when your cat is urinating outside the litter box, the only solutions seem to be re-homing or euthanizing your little friend. Our method can prevent these drastic options.


It’s very disturbing when your cat is being aggressive with another pet, human or even you. Aggression is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with immediately.

Punishment of any kind will make the situation worse, even creating new problems.

Cats usually become aggressive when they see no other option. Fear, social ranking, competition for resources and territory are key triggers. The addition of another pet, human or even a piece of furniture to their home may be perceived as a threat.

A medical condition is sometimes the underlying cause. If your cat has suddenly become aggressive the first thing to do is a trip to your veterinarian. Be prepared with a detailed account about the events. If a medical condition is the source, the behaviour aspect will need to be addressed concurrently.

Alone At Home Pet Care will assist you to correct inappropriate behaviour. We assess the triggers and reinforcers of the problem behaviour so the proper protocol can be put in place.

Urinating and Defecating Outside of the Litter Box:

Urinating and defecating outside the litter box is a very frustrating experience. This and spraying are the main reasons guardians relinquish their cats.

When this occurs, your cat is trying to tell you something is wrong. Causes include:

  • A medical problem.
  • Problem with the litter substrate, the box itself or its location.
  • General disruption to your cat’s routine.
  • Disruption of your cat’s territory.
playful cat

The more cats in your home, the greater the chance of elimination problems occurring.

The first thing to do is to bring your cat and a detailed account of the situation to your veterinarian in case the cause is a medical problem. This is vital. If it is a medical problem, the behaviour aspect will need to be dealt with concurrently.

Alone At Home Pet Care will help your cat get back in the litter box using the scientific method of positive reinforcement.


Spraying is another hair-pulling experience. It is a normal feline behaviour, communicating to other cats the establishment and defense of their territory. If it is a recent occurrence, something has happened that your cat perceives as a loss of territory, or an attempt to gain more territory.

The chances of your cat spraying increases in multi-cat homes.

We can assess the situation then implement the correct protocol. We use current proven techniques of positive reinforcement.

Inappropriate Scratching:

Watching your cat shred your furniture, drapes and carpet isn’t pleasant especially if they’re a recent purchase.

Scratching is a normal behaviour for cats satisfying nail conditioning, stretching, general communication and expression of joy or frustration.

Our expertise will show you how to persuade your cat to use a scratching post or pad instead of your furniture. Our proven scientific techniques are reinforcement based.

Punishment for any issue makes the situation worse and may cause new problems.

Other Pet Services

medicate dog


A beloved pet becoming sick is a very hard experience. Having to give your pet medications can make the situation even worse.

Medication can make the world of difference, but not all pets cooperate and some medications require three daily doses. You may not be available for all administration times. Another complication may be a mandatory business trip coming up. Many people are uncomfortable giving their pet medications.

Finding someone you can trust to fill in or take over completely is a challenge. Whether you have an uncooperative pet, are not available to administer a dose, or you are going to be away, we can help.

Alone At Home Pet Care has animal hospital training and years of experience to properly administer medications.

We routinely administer:

  • Injections
  • Pills and Liquids
  • Transdermal
  • Fluids
  • Topical

Our pet sitters carefully administer medications according to your veterinarian’s instructions using the least restraint possible. You can be confident that your trust in us is well-founded.

nail clip brush

Nail Clipping
A pet’s nails can grow quickly. Clipping them is an important part of pet care but not always easy. Often a second pair of hands is all that’s needed.

Long nails can get caught in things like carpet, injuring and causing your pet distress.

Most cat guardians know the discomfort of sharp nails in their skin. Alone At Home Pet Care can help prevent you and your pet becoming injured.


Dogs derive the same great benefits as humans from regular exercise. Walking and other forms are crucial to your dog’s mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Dog walking can help avoid behaviour problems such as hyperactivity, destructiveness and separation anxiety. Your dog develops good habits that last a lifetime.

Older dogs become more agile, flexible and mentally fit with regular walks.

Puppies need additional attention as they eliminate, and must be fed more frequently than adults. You may not be available for each time.

Remember, to a dog, the day seems much longer than it does to us. The perception to puppies is even longer. Visits from Alone At Home Pet Care to walk your dogs will break up the day.

Dogs of all ages benefit socially from the deep friendship with our walker and the other dogs they encounter. The opportunity to sniff their environment keeps them in communication with the neighbourhood dogs.
Alone At Home Pet Care will give you peace of mind knowing you have chosen the very best of friends for your dogs. They will anticipate and look forward to our arrival.

Being a good friend to your dog includes watching out for potential problems, such as things on the ground they may eat or hazards like broken glass.

Our dog walkers don’t spend your dog’s time distracted by the phone or listening to headphones. We also don’t walk our friends in the road (except to cross) or assume we have the right of way with traffic.

Our dog walkers in Toronto specialize in dogs with specific needs so we only offer private walks. Your dog may be fearful or otherwise aggressive with other dogs. They may have a physical challenge such as a mobility problem, blindness or deafness where group walks are not appropriate. Private walks are ideal for these dogs.

Alone At Home Pet Care provides love, attention and responsible care for your dogs. We cater to their particular needs, so special requests are always welcome.

photo D Walker


Yes, pets are capable of grieving the loss of a loved one; human or another pet. The bonds pets share is not fully understood since their communication system goes beyond our comprehension, especially with cats.
Any out of character behaviour could be a sign your pet is grieving.

Symptoms of a grieving pet include:

  • Overly needy or clingy
  • Hiding more than usual
  • Aloof
  • Lethargic and withdrawn
  • Change in appetite
  • Disorientation
  • Change in sleep habits
  • Change in grooming habits
  • Vocalizing out of character
  • Onset of inappropriate behaviour such as destruction
  • Sitting in one spot waiting for the deceased, especially when they passed away outside of the home
cat coming out of hiding

The stress of grieving can bring on medical problems. If your pet isn’t behaving normally after a tragedy, a trip to the veterinarian is in order.

Alone At Home Pet Care can guide and assist you to help your pet deal effectively with this sad time. Caring for grieving pets takes time, patience and understanding.

Most guardians have very busy schedules and may be grieving themselves. It’s sometimes hard to commit the time needed.

We will show you how to help your pet adjust. Our pet sitters can assist you with visits when you aren’t available for your pet.

Call for a consultation, E-mail or phone John at 416 – 200 – 4471

Reasons to Hire Alone At Home Pet Care:

Having your pet cared for at home reduces exposure to illnesses.

  • Alone At Home Pet Care is fully insured and bonded as well as trained in First Aid and CPR.
  • We have excellent references.
  • We also provide you with peace of mind by giving your home that lived in look.
  • Bring in mail, flyers and newspapers.
  • Rotate lights if not on timers.
  • Open and close drapes.
  • Notify you about a problem such as a burst pipe.

Your pet is a family member that deserves the very best of care while you are away. During this time, most pets are happier in their own home. This is especially important with cats since they are closely linked with their territory. Pets are creatures of habit preferring familiar surroundings. Older and special needs pets are tied to their own homes. Travelling can also add to their stress levels.

Alone At Home Pet Care is aware of the possible problems occurring from the stress of your absence. With some pets it’s significant. Stress can lead to medical and behaviour problems.We focus on reducing your pet’s stress as we bond with them.

Knowing when to engage them and when to give them space is the key to creating the best experience for your pet.

Our pet sitters engage them with play, physical contact and mental stimulation on their terms while monitoring their progress. Your pet now has something to focus on besides your absence.

Mental, physical and emotional stimulation performed correctly with love, caring and respect for their present mood creates and maintains a bond between your pet and our pet sitters, which makes this time more enjoyable.

  • Intro Visit $12
  • Pet Visits: 1-2 $21
    Additional Pet $3
  • Private Dog Walks ½ hr. $19
    Second dog $5
  • Weekly $90
    Second dog $30
  • Medication Admin. add $4
  • Home Security Visit
    $18 and up


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